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High:Fiv5 Interview mit Ghost Nation


Micke Berg & Tomas Vasseur von Ghost Nation, kommen aus verschiedenen Bereichen der Musik. Doch wie wir finden harmonieren diese sehr gut.
Die beiden schwedischen Producer planen zum Herbst hin die Veröffentlichung einer neuen EP und arbeiten derzeit fleißig an der neuen Platte, wie sie uns im Interview berichten.
Ob sich die bald erscheinende EP mit ähnlichen ernsten Themen befassen wird wie ihr zuletzt erschienener Song ‘Black dogs’, dessen Titel eine Metapher für Depression ist, um die es in diesem Song geht, wird sich im Herbst zeigen. Bis dahin bleiben wir gespannt und hoffen für Micke und Tomas, dass sie in naher Zukunft ihr Ziel erreichen und Musik für Serien, Filme oder Games machen können. Das Zeug dazu haben sie.



How did you come up with the name “Ghost Nation”? What does it mean to you?

It’s kind of hard to come up with a band name when all you want to do is make music. We started with a normal brainstorming process Including researching other band names and artist names for inspiration. We also tried what you think would be an easy thing like a band name generator online. Couldn’t find anything there. But it started the creative process and thinking. 

We knew we wanted to be kind of anonymous at the time. So Ghost felt like a good start. And it sounded kind of cool and mysterious too. 

Ghost Nation is for us like a free nation. Where we can create and do what we want with our music. No boundaries in music and genres. Where we can create and have fun with whatever comes to mind in the moment.


How is your personality reflected in your work?  

Ghost Nation is of course a combination of our personalities. It’s like a third personality of it’s own.

Tomas comes from a background in classical music and guitar based music like rock and heavy metal. Whereas Micke comes from more electronic rock and pop-ïsh music.

As we are open to playfulness and experimental desire in music, our musical backgrounds become a fun combination for us.

And we both have a liking in gritty and darker productions. Maybe you can hear that in our music and productions?


How was the creation process of your song “Black Dogs”? From which events was it inspired? What was the production like?

We wanted to write a song about mental health. Where we have some personal experience in the band. 

When it comes to the production Micke actually started with a kind of gritty hip hop-ish track. It was based around 808´ s, a heavy sub bass and an analog arpeggiator. 

Tomas was at the same time working on the melody. In this particular song, it would prove to be a real challenge. Once the melody was there, the text came almost completely automatically. It probably depends a lot on the fact that we had a clear picture of what we wanted to tell and that we have experience in the subject.

Black dog is a metaphor in the context of depression, where Black Dog often describes the darkness that haunts you and that you never really get rid of. A fear that darkness can be unleashed at any time. In our reality, there are more dogs than one. Who let my black dogs out?

The almost exaggerated sub-base and the filth and grittiness of the production are there to create an underlying tension. The analog arpeggiator is there to give hope, give some light in the tunnel.


If you had the chance to contribute a song to the soundtrack for a series/movie/book adaptation, which fandom would you choose?

We have been following the TV series Lucifer for a long time and really like the soundtrack and we feel that our music could fit into that context.

We often hear that our music is cinematic. We have also been told that the music would fit in films such as Suicide Squad and TV series such as Lucifer.

It is really one of our big goals to get our music in context such as movies, TV series and video games.

All major movie companies. Feel free to contact us! 😉 


What can we look forward to in the future? Are there any releases or gigs planned?

Gigs that were planned were canceled for obvious reasons, so it would be fun to get out and tour.

Right now we have one of our, what we call, Ghost Nation camps. This means that we are working on new music that will soon be released. We are really looking forward to sharing the new music with the rest of the world.

The plans are to release an EP in the fall of 2021.


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