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Summer Years präsentieren ihren Sommerhit “This Light”

summer years this light


San Diegos Pop Punk Band Summer Years haben ihre erste Single der kommenden EP veröffentlicht. Ihr neuer Song “This Light” hat es sogar in die “New Noise” und “The Scene” Apple Music’s “Shazam’s Best New Music” Playlists geschafft.


Erst kürzlich haben die Jungs bei ENCI Records (Beach Goons, The Joy Formidable, Fences) ihren Vertrag unterschrieben und können schon mit ihrem eigenen Kernsound gefunden. Energiegeladene Rhythmen, melodische Gitarren-Elemente und bedeutungsvolle Lyrics. Durch Einflüsse von Pop-Punk Bands wie Blink 182 und Jimmy Eat World, hat Summer Years ihren Sound ausprobiert und mehrere Generationen von Punk Rock verbunden. 

“Summer Years is rock music. Pop & punk rock-infused music, but at its core, it’s for anyone who likes to rock and enjoys lots of melody. We definitely operate with the energy and big rhythms of a punk band, but I think we will always be accessible to anyone. Kids who are just getting into guitar music or who have never listened to pop punk! I think our music is for everyone. Even soccer moms. Haha.” – Sänger Lanari 


This Light

Auch über den neuen Song “This Light” konnte Sänger und Gitarrist Nick Lanari die Hintergründe erläutern:

This Light is about the idea that it’s not too late to pursue what you have always dreamed of, and battling the idea of ‘I’ll start working toward it tomorrow’ but tomorrow never seems to come. Live your best life now. Today. Find your way to thrive. Failure is not eternal, pain is not eternal, your past doesn’t define you, you can’t live there forever.” – Nick Lanari

Aufgenommen mitten in der globalen Pandemie wurde die bald kommende EP “You Can’t Live There Forever” und wurde produziert von Adam Sisco (“This Light” und “Blue Skies”),  Chris Szczech & Mike Liorti (“The Picture You Paint”, “What You’re Made Of”, “Not Letting Go” und “Small World”) und gemixt von Chris Lord Alge (Green Day, The All-American Rejects) und  Steve Rizun (NOFX, The Flatliners)

“Moving forward with a project like this was intimidating because there was no clear future set before us, no shows or tours to work towards or any inkling of what the future of the music industry will be like. It was just us in there getting it done with a lot of uncertainty in our future. It was really cathartic at the same time because we felt really fortunate to be able to do what we love during these times and to be able to be creative and expressive is a healing force. The word perseverance really comes to mind with this EP, and it’s really fitting for walking through the last year and a half.” – Lanari über das Album

Ein Vorgeschmack, der definitiv Lust auf mehr macht.



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