High:Fiv5 Interview mit RUNNNER


Hinter dem Projekt ‘RUNNNER’ verbirgt sich der Songwriter und Multi-Instrumentalist Noah Weinmann.
Sein Debut ‘Always Repeating’  produzierte er selbst und war auch für das Recording selbst verantwortlich.
Während er an den Songs für ‘Always Repeating’ arbeitete,  pendelte Noah zwischen Providence, New York und Los Angeles hin und her. Er sagte dazu, dass er über diese Städte sänge, als hätte er Sehnsucht nach den Städten selbst, doch es sind eigentlich die Menschen und Erfahrungen die er in diesen Städten erlebt hat, die er vermisst.




You can play a lot of instruments. What was the first instrument that excited you and why did you have the urge to play so many more?


I think guitar was the first instrument that excited me because I could play in a band and do the songs I wanted to hear, but I think the urge to play more instruments came from a frustration with instruments in general. Trumpet was always my main instrument and I studied jazz pretty seriously for a while but I realized after a time that I was more interested in making music than playing a particular instrument. When I started making records at home I would just reach for whatever instruments I could get to fill out the songs. It’s kind of funny because I get asked this question a lot and the truth is I don’t really consider myself as playing all these instruments so much as just recording part of a song on an instrument.


Your songs have this kind of melancholic vibe. Do you find it easier to write when you are in a good or bad mood?


I think if I’m in too much of a bad mood I can’t work at all, and I’m hesitant to add to the trope of good art only coming from dark places, but I will say this: In every song I’m trying to convey some level of mixed emotion. I think people (myself included) have a tendency to think of sadness or melancholy as more complex than happiness, which is often seen as kind of monolithic and boring. I don’t think this is necessarily true, I just think we analyze sadness more often so we have a better vocabulary for it. My songs tend to lean more toward what you might call “bad mood music” mostly because I think it’s an emotion I’m more used to exploring, but I am always attempting to find a mixture because I think it’s more interesting.


In September you will be back on stage again. Is there a past gig that has particularly stuck in your memory? (whether positive or negative)


My favorite show I’ve ever played was probably at the Echo Park Rising festival in Los Angeles in 2018. The festival is LA’s attempt to do SXSW – lots of bars offering all day showcases, usually for free. So it’s an opportunity for a lot of little local bands like us to get out there and play. The project was new – ‘Eggshell’ wouldn’t be released for another 6 months (I hadn’t even finished recording it). But it felt like people actually came to see us.I thought for the first time that maybe we had fans and that the music we were playing resonated with them.


Do you find it easier to work with a team or do you prefer to have everything in your own hands?


I find it easier to have things in my own hands, especially when it comes to recording. I have a hard time explaining myself in these settings and it’s usually easier to try fumbling through something on my own. When it comes to live performances however, I really like playing with a band and want each musician to come up with their own parts because I think it makes the shows more fun and special.


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Always Repeating by Runnner is an album about mixed emotions, strained relationships, grilled chicken, and minor medical emergencies. For fans of banjo, ennui, water. 



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